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Rules and Application

October 15th, 2005 (09:09 pm)

muggleswitch is a trio-era, first person, meant-to-be-funny-and-carefree-but-probably-will-just-end-up-being-unbearbly-ridiculous RPG set in Harry’s seventh year. Various actors from the Harry Potter movies have been magically transported to Hogwarts and are expected to pass as their characters! What will they do? Will they be able to handle the stress? Will they try to call their agents, only to realise that they’ve got wands instead of cell phones? Will Tom retreat to the loo to cry due to the lake’s lack of carp? We really don’t know. That’s where you lot come in…

Until then, here are some basic rules:

1. Always keep in mind that you’re not really playing a Harry Potter character, you’re meant to be playing the Muggle actor who plays that HP character. Obviously Emma Watson, no matter how much she swears she’s similar to Hermione, isn’t very much like Hermione at all. Tom Felton is more obsessed with fishing and carp than putting down Gryffindors, etc, but the thing is…
2. YOUR ACTOR!CHARACTER IS TRYING TO PASS AS THE HARRY POTTER CHARACTER HE/SHE PLAYS! They’re likely to write about how hard (or, in some cases, easy) it is, at the beginning. Later, they’ll get so used to it that perhaps little of their Muggle selves will remain. How much of the Muggle remains is up to you, the player, to decide.
3. What is NOT up to you to decide is how other characters that you aren’t playing, and therefore aren’t responsible for, will react to things your character might do. Experienced role-players call this “power-playing”, and it is generally frowned upon. In other words, don’t go and say, “Hermione told me that Neville is shagging Snape!”, when a. Hermione would never spread rumours like that, b. Neville would never get it on with Snape, and c. this game isn’t all about the sex. You’ll have several angry mods and players at your throat if you do anything like this. Make sure you run any and all plots by the mods and the characters involved before you put them into action. Use our out of character community, msooc, for this purpose. Conflicting plots suck.
4. Good plots and creative ideas, however, do NOT suck. Quite the opposite, actually. Feel free to share your ideas, we promise we won’t bite.
5. Because the RPG is entirely first person, there will be absolutely no tolerance for tiny little ooc- lol, i gotta go now, ttyl! rp later tonight ok? comments in perfectly good IC entries. No. Just NO.
6. Also a big fat, emphatic NO on bad grammar, bad spelling, and netspeak. Emoticons, such as :) are permissible to an extent, just don’t over-use them. Exceptions on the grammar front may be made depending on the character, but you’ve got to be able to give us a bloody good reason why, other than “i dun wanna use capitols and good spellin its dum”.
7. We don’t really care if you yell out to your real life flist “OMG I’M IN muggleswitch, WOOT!”, but please, please, PLEASE don’t reveal the identities of any characters and/or players who don’t want to be revealed. If you’re not sure, ask them, either on messenger or in the ooc community, msooc.
8. Quite obviously, once you’re accepted into muggleswitch, you need to request to join and friend both muggleswitch and msooc, as well as all of the current players.
9. All that said, honest to Bob, we’re nice people and just want you lot to have fun. So that’s rule #9 – HAVE A GOOD TIME! :D

The following application should be filled out and sent to muggleswitch@gmail.com. We’ll try to get back to you ASAP, and good luck!

About You:

1. What do you want us to call you?:
2. Your normal LiveJournal username:
3. Your screen name on…
a. AIM:
4. Your email address:
5. Have you ever role-played before? If so, where? (This is not a necessity, mind.)

About The Muggle Actor Who Plays Your Character:

(Keep in mind that you can use this post for a reference! These are the available characters and links to their IMDB profiles.)

1. What is his/her name?:
2. What is he/she like?: (We don’t need intense details, just a gist.)
3. Which Harry Potter character does he/she play?
4. Have you created a journal for him/her? If so, what’s their username?
5. How would he/she react to being made to play this character for the long term, despite it not being in their “contract”?:

General Questions:

1. You’ve read the above rules and understand the general idea of the game, correct?
2. If not, and you have a question or three, feel free to ask here:
3. Anything else you’d like to say? Any input, suggestions, etc?

And that’s all, you’re done. Any questions that just can’t wait can be directed to teh mods via email (muggleswitch@gmail.com).